The importance of romantic music on a date

Attract Attention

Research has found that the musical tastes of a potential mate can have a significant impact on the dating experience. For example, a study from Curtin University in Australia showed that people who share similar music taste find each other more attractive. Men and women who enjoy the same genres can bond over shared experiences like seeing the same band or attending a concert together. It’s a great way to show your interests and connect with the person you’re chatting with.

For a first date, many singles choose a romantic playlist that sets the mood and makes them feel relaxed. It can also make the conversation flow more smoothly and increase your chances of a successful first date.

A shared passion for music can help you get to know someone a lot faster. In fact, a recent study from the dating service TickPick found that nearly all of their users wouldn’t be willing to enter into a relationship with someone they didn’t have the same music tastes as. This includes both men and women – although men tend to be more hardline on this point, with only 46% of them saying they’d be ready to date somebody who doesn’t like the same music as them.

Make It Last

Whether you’re eating a candlelit dinner or snuggling on the couch while watching a romantic movie, having a few love songs playing in the background can create an ambiance that will make your date night even more special. This hand-picked collection of classic romance songs will instantly up the ante and help you create a magical evening.

Some of the best love songs are unabashedly romantic, perfect for that swooning feeling of infatuation. Celine Dion’s hit from the movie Titanic captures the whirlwind romance between Jack and Rose and would be the perfect song to play for your date.

Other love songs can be a little bit more subtle, but still have the power to make your heart skip a beat. Frank Ocean’s cover of Sam Cooke’s classic “Moon River” is a great example, adding a soft, mellow sound to the iconic ballad. Other love songs can be a little bit sexy, like this sultry song by The Boss about his unbridled lust for someone. And, of course, there are modern LGBTQ+ anthems by artists like MUNA and King Princess that celebrate true love in all its forms.

Set the Atmosphere

Adding music to your romantic date can create a relaxing atmosphere. A slow song can help to ease tension and encourage conversation. It is also an ideal accompaniment to a candlelit dinner, as it can set a mood that is both intimate and romantic.

Unlike the Classical Period, which prioritized universality, Romantic composers were more interested in expressing specific emotions and sentiments. They took advantage of advancements in instrument construction, enabling them to make more precise gradations of volume and tone. This was a significant departure from the Classical style, which relied on sharp crescendos and diminuendos to create dramatic effects.

The Romantic era also influenced literature and art, with works like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) influencing the craze for gothic horror novels. It was also a time when painters like Gericault and Goya were making penetrating studies of madness, while poets such as Robert Burns infused their lyrics with sincerity.